Tim Jones

TimTim Jones (by Claire White)

Every ceilidh needs a Tim. If Jingbang were a body Tim would be its heart. He plays all manner of stringed instruments with a rock-solid tempo, giving dancers the perfect beat throughout their evening. A keen dancer himself, Tim leaps to the aid of anyone who’s struggling with ceilidh footwork by demonstrating couple dances and walking people through set dances. His prized collection of colourful shirts ensures he always stands out on the dance floor!

Tim is from Aberdeen and hosts Jingbang rehearsals which are protracted affairs given the tea drinking and biscuit munching involved in arranging toe-tapping musical medleys. In the course of his medical career Tim has grown immune to banjo jokes though his resistance is regularly tested by Jingbang bandmates.

When not working or plucking out a tune, Tim likes nothing better than to escape to the west coast of Scotland for a spot of sailing. He stays in shape for sea races by transporting Jingbang sound equipment to and from gigs – no mean feat given the amount of engineering required to make a banjo sound good!

Joking aside, Tim is an asset at any social event. He’s clever (the only man I’ve seen read both War and Peace and Anna Karenina), loves marzipan (essential for anyone who regularly eats wedding cake) and has entertaining eyebrows (see Jingbang film). Plus, if the ceilidh dancing ever becomes too frenzied, Dr Tim can be relied upon for first class resuscitation!

Favourite cake/biscuit/fancy piece: Chocolate Hob-Nobs