Eileen Bresnan

Eileen Bresnan (by Anne Taylor)

Hailing from Dublin’s fair city, it’s perhaps not surprising that Eileen is a natural when it comes to creating lyrical music from her flute and penny whistle. What’s more of a surprise is that – if you listen closely – you’ll hear hints of the James Bond theme music emanating from her flute during a particular set of Jingbang tunes. Answers on a postcard …  then sing-a-long next time you hear the theme at one of our ceilidhs.

Aside from Jingbang ceilidhs, Eileen is a very busy young woman. A teacher of budding whistle players for many years with SC&T. A flautist with the Deeside Orchestra. A frequent taker of health-giving walks with her faithful hairy companion, Jock.

An avid reader of literature, a keen fan of deadpan comedy legends David Sedaris and Garrison Keillor, and a film buff to boot. Like certain others in the band, Eileen made a special trip to Salzburg in Austria for the umissable “Sound of Music” tour, and in the name of research, to sample and report on the local fancy pieces.

Between ceilidhs and exotic trips abroad, Eileen can also be found getting her hands dirty on her allotment, wrestling womanfully with the incessant weed problem that all keen growers of non-chemical fruit and veg experience.  The grateful band-members can also confirm that Eileen makes a (home-grown) rhubarb meringue pie to die for. A true Jingbanger!

Favourite cake/biscuit/fancy piece: Chocolate covered Kimberly