Claire White


Claire White  (by Tim Jones)

Claire hails from Shetland and her performance on the fiddle is lively and energetic as you’d expect of someone who has grown up in that wonderful environment for folk music.

Claire’s fiddle was made in the Czech republic and the combination of Czech and Shetland influences can leave the best of us pooskered (a Shetland term for feeling tired out)

The name Claire itself means – clear, bright and famous – and she does her best to live up to her name. Whether she’s driving the dancing or calling you through the steps of the next dance – clear and bright typifies her performance. Fame is a small appellation to associate with a person of this calibre!

Also associated with the fine Shetland folk duo “Blyde Lasses” Claire also tutors fiddle lessons and works for the BBC in her day job.

Of her less celebrated talents mention must be made of her ability to apply make-up in a swiftly moving car and her habit of falling effortlessly asleep on the way home – one of the reasons she’s not allowed to drive us anywhere.

Favourite biscuit – some uncertainty remains around Claire’s favourite biscuit – we’ve never knowingly seen her refuse an offer of one and many a ceilidh has been impressed with her ability to head up the queue for the stovies.

Ambitions – probably limitless but ours for Claire is that she finally finds a chin rest for her fiddle that doesn’t fly off in mid-tune generally striking one of us senseless.

Favourite biscuit/cake/fancy piece: Cheesecake