Anne Taylor

Anne Taylor (by Graham Stephen)

Anne is a bundle of grins, a bottomless well of enthusiasms, a hyper-tasking business strategist, a Facebook stealth bomber who can reduce the toughest soul to an emotional puddle with her pets-in-peril posts, a campaigner for a better world where veggies are organic, banks are human and kindness is not a crime, a fearless bee-keeper, a swinger of weights, a high box jumper, an intrepid cyclist of hills, a guru of tearooms and fancy piece emporiums, a reader of weighty books on environmental matters, an endless source of ideas and theories, a fountain of herbal teas and infusions, a nimble fingered demon on any keyboard, a dance caller of limitless knowledge and endless patience, an encyclopedia of tunes, a creator of dance sets that survive through myriad bands and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.  In many ways Jingbang feels like an extension of Anne’s personality, and that’s no bad thing.

Favourite biscuit/cake/fancy piece: Coffee Kisses, from the old Be-Ro recipe book, edition circa 1960.  mmmmmmm…..