Graham Stephen

Graham Stephen (by Eileen Bresnan)

Graham Stephen hails from sunny Montrose in the North East of Scotland. Graham is a born musician and an incredibly accomplished guitar player. He can play any tune, in any style, on demand. He is also a skilled composer and lyricist and writes the most thought provoking songs.

Graham is a member rocky ceilidh band Shindig, active in the Grampian region for many years, however one ceilidh band just wasn’t enough for Graham and he joined Jingbang to enrich his ceilidh band experience (although he said at the time it was for the biscuits).

Graham has an extensive guitar collection. Anyone who has been to a Jingbang ceilidh can only admire the array of instruments with which he surrounds himself up on stage. On some occasions, when the band has played venues with very small stages, it has been quite a feat to find room for them. It is always worth the effort though as Graham will play them all in the course of an evening.

Graham has a wide eclectic taste in music and books. I always refer to him as my entertainment manager as he can always come up with a recommendation for something new and quirky.

Graham can always gauge the mood of ceilidh crowd and knows when to liven it up or slow down the pace a bit. He can liven things up on stage as well as he is a bit of joker but what is obvious to all is that Graham really enjoys playing his guitar.

Favourite cake/biscuit/fancy piece: Gingerbread