Band History

Jingbang – a condensed history

During 2002 a group of musicians, associated with the Scottish Culture and Tradition Association in Aberdeen came together to form the ceilidh band – Jingbang. With a line up of banjo/mandolin, fiddle, whistle/flute, keyboard and guitar, Jingbang has a diverse musical heritage, with members hailing from the N.E. Scotland, N. E. England, Shetland and Ireland. As a result, the band embraces a variety of musical styles, generating a lively sound that will have any crowd dancing before they know it.

Since the beginning, Jingbang has been in demand to play at a variety of occasions. Alongside many wedding and birthday celebrations, Jingbang has been hired to perform at events at the Aberdeen Music Hall, the Portsoy Boat Festival and Moray Ceilidh Club. The inclusion of an experienced caller (Anne Taylor) as well as demonstration dancers (Claire White and Tim Jones) in the line up has made Jingbang a popular choice for event organisers where the audience may have little or no previous ceilidh experience.

Although based in Aberdeen, Jingbang has had much fun over the years playing more distant venues such as Elgin, Banff, Braemar and Stonehaven with some lively discussion about tunes and sets in the van to and from the venues. Jingbang are constantly broadening their repertoire of tunes and over the last few years have included songs in the play set to provide a romantic first dance at weddings or to allow dancers a gentle waltz to relax after some lively jigs and reels.

Jingbang have also included more modern tunes and dances in their repertoire. Anyone who has danced a ‘witches reel’ to the ‘wizards walk’ set will remember it as a magical experience. Jingbang are always looking for new musical opportunities and recently entered the recording studio for the second time to record a number of tracks for their website and video.